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Efficient and well-maintained lighting reduces the risk of night-time accidents, improves public safety and conserves energy on a continuous basis.

About Community Lighting Partnership
Equitix and Pell Frischmann have united to create the Community Lighting Partnership (CLP) to deliver street lighting and maintenance services to Oldham Council and Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council.

We believe that your community is worth investing in. We work closely with local communities at every stage of our process, enabling us to deliver the most effective, reliable and environmentally sound street lighting solutions.

About E.ON Energy Solutions
CLP has awarded the maintenance work to E.ON UK which involves the renewal and ongoing maintenance of life-expired street lighting on streets of Oldham and Rochdale.The contract covers some 60,000 pieces of apparatus over the contract period.

As well as monitoring street lighting on a continuous basis, we also rely on light failure and damage reports received from residents, pedestrians and other road users.

For more information on the scope and standards of service you can expect from us, please see our Customer Care Charter

Last Updated: 26/11/2020 20:00

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