Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why are you replacing the existing lighting?
There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to replace the existing lighting. The most common reasons are that the condition of the columns, lanterns and/or underground electricity cables are in poor condition.
  • When will the work start and what is the process?
To find out when work is scheduled for/in your area, please visit the Scheduled Work Page. For the replacement of damaged lighting apparatus, the proposed positions of the new lighting will be marked on the ground. Once this has been carried out the new columns will be installed and either connected to electricity supply by the Electricity Company or via a private cable installed in the footway. When the new lighting is operational the existing columns will be removed and the footway reinstated.
  • Why are the new columns not in the same positions as the old ones?
To comply with present day codes of practice and to provide appropriate levels of illumination with good uniformity, the number of lights and/or spacings will differ from the original scheme. The positions are also reliant on the availability of a suitable electricity service. This will inevitably result in the new columns being in different locations to the existing. However it is our intention to try and minimise the direct impact on residents as far as practical.
  • Is there a policy about where columns are located?
The preferred locations are between houses, between drives or on the house side of the drive. It is our aim to position columns in one of these locations, but in order to achieve required spacing and retain good uniformity, this may not always be possible. Columns are normally sited at the back of the footway to minimise obstruction and to reduce the risk of vehicle damage. Once a column has been installed, there will be limited opportunity to relocate due to the lighting standards and design requirements we work to.
  • Why has the column not been installed exactly where it was marked?
It is not always possible to locate all of the underground services prior to the column being installed, therefore the column may need to be moved slightly to accommodate this.
  • Why is there a delay taking out the old columns?
We have to rely on the Electricity Company to carry out the majority of connections and disconnections of public lighting. This can result in delays depending on the available resources of the Electricity Company.
  • Why was I not consulted about the new lighting?
A consultation process will be used for the majority of work planned, where you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and get involved. There will be occasions where it is impractical to consult on the detailed scheme with all residents, however we will endeavour to take all considerations into account.
Last Updated: 15/12/2020 10:18

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