Report a Fault
Welcome to the fault reporting page

The following steps will guide you in how to report a general fault with public lighting...

If you are reporting a fault which is an immediate risk to health and safety, please contact us directly on 0800 015 0452, so we can deal with the situation as a matter of urgency. Immediate risks include:

•Columns or posts knocked down
•Exposed electrical wires
•Damage or defect resulting in a risk to public safety e.g. part of lighting apparatus hanging loose, column likely to fall over.
•Damage or defect to the lighting apparatus that could potentially damage property

If the fault is not covered by one of the above categories, please click start to begin.

Please note the following:-

Some lighting faults may take longer than normal due to the loss of underground mains electricity supply to the lamp post. In this situation, we will report the fault to the local electricity company Electricity North West (ENW) Limited for repair. Under OFGEM Regulations, ENW have a maximum repair target of either twenty (20) working days for an emergency fault (three or more lights out in a row) or twenty-five (25) working days for single faults. We and the Council have no jurisdiction over ENW to ‘fast-track’ repairs under OFGEM Regulations. However, we will raise faults as ‘area of concern’ during our regular progress meetings with ENW Street Lighting Faults Team.

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